Dental patients have many reasons to prevent periodontal (gum) disease before it exerts far-ranging adverse effects.  Aside from the more immediate potential consequences of gum disease, which include inflammation and possible tooth loss, research links gum disease with heart disease, diabetes, lung problems, and premature and low-weight babies.  Fortunately, early stages of gum disease can be reversed with professional cleanings and at-home brushing and flossing.  In more severe cases that involve buildups of hardened tartar, professional “scaling” and “root planning” may remove unwanted deposits above and below the gumline.  However, only patients have it in their power to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke, which research now shows increases the likelihood of developing severe gum disease by 30%-60%.
At MCNEW DENTAL, we can give you tips on the proper way to brush and floss.  Brushing and flossing correctly helps keep your teeth white and healthy.  We’ll also recommend a personalized oral home care program to meet your specific needs.
P.S. Both smokers and non-smokers who are exposed to secondhand smoke may come in contact with toxins in the smoke that increase inflammation and oxidative stress.

Just Scratching the Surface

When it comes to repairing or enhancing the visible surfaces of front teeth, porcelain is the material of choice for veneers.  While no other material so closely approximates the look of tooth enamel and is so durable, budgetary considerations may lead to contemplation of alternative  types of restoration.  If so, “bonding and contouring” is recommended as the most cost-effective choice for covering chips and discoloration, improving shape, and restoring lost enamel.  The single-visit process begins with augmenting affected teeth with tooth-colored resin that takes minutes to apply and cure.  Once chips and cracks are filled, the dentist artfully shapes and sculpts the resin to create a natural-looking tooth.

It’s obvious that our smiles (or more specifically, our teeth) are important to us in many ways.  Whether you need bonding procedures or veneers, with the proper esthetics treatment, patients receive the benefits of a beautiful smile.

P.S. While porcelain veneers most closely approximate the translucence and subtle color gradation of natural teeth, bonding creates an appearance that is more solid and consistent in color.

Words of Wisdom

When there is enough space in the mouth to accommodate the “wisdom teeth” (third molars), which do not appear until the late teens or early twenties, they can grow normally to become fully functional.  However, wisdom teeth are candidates for extraction when they are impacted or trapped in the bone under the gums in a crowded jaw.  Otherwise, they may tend to grow sideways to find space, forcing adjacent molars out of place in the process.  Partially erupted wisdom teeth also pose a danger because they leave an opening at the gum line that invites bacteria to enter and cause infection.  When extraction of the wisdom teeth is indicated, the surgery can be performed at any age.

Many people develop impacted wisdom teeth.  They may erupt only partially or not at all.  Some dentists and oral surgeons recommend wisdom tooth extraction even if impacted teeth aren’t causing problems, as a preventive measure against potential future problems.  Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will provide you and your family with the professional care and personal attention you deserve.

At McNew Dental our goal is to help you enjoy your teeth throughout a lifetime.   Our office is in Rockwall and our number is 972 771-2213.

P.S.  It is best to extract impacted wisdom teeth when the patient is young, before the jawbone that supports the teeth hardens and the tooth roots develop fully.

Diminishing Gums?

There are several ways to treat diminishing gums.  First and foremost is to take care of your mouth.  If you have gum disease, get it taken care of.  Get your teeth cleaned and do the maintenance with meticulous home care.  At McNew dental, we are dedicated to the health of our patients, and you are more than welcome to join our family of patients.  We offer comprehensive general and cosmetic dentistry.  Oral health is a long-term committment we share with each patient.  “Smiles are contagious and best with shared.”  Call us at 972 771-2213.


Fluoride treatment during regular professional cleanings make sense for adults because they still get cavities.  This is especially true at the root surfaces and under crowns, which become exposed as adult gums recede.  Particularly susceptible to cavities are root surfaces because they lose mineral faster than enamel does.  With this in mind, higher concentrations of fluoride provided by topical treatments may be needed for adequate protection.  It should also be noted that many adults take certain medications and have medical conditions that cause dry mouth, which is a condition that increases the risk of cavities in adults.  Fluoride makes teeth more resistant to acids produced by bacteria and helps remineralize tooth suraces that are under attack.

How to treat diminishing gums

There are several ways to treat diminishing fums.  First and foremost is to take care of your mouth.  If you have gum disease, get it taken care of.  get your teeth cleaned and do the maintenance with meticulous home care.  Oral health is a long term commitment we share with each patient.  At MCNEW dental we are dedicated to the health of our patients.  “Smiles are contagious and best when shared.


It is now widely understood that gum disease can contribute to a host of potentially life-threatening conditions including diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  Research also indicates that women with periodontal disease are 3-5 times more likely to have a baby born prematurely compared with women without gum disease.  However, is it possible that periodontal disease itself is deadly?  According to recent research,  the answer is “yes.”  It seems that scientists have isolated an oral bacterium (Streptococcus tigurinus) that could be deadly if it enters the bloodstream through bleeding gums.  While researchers begin to assess how common this bacterium is in the mouth, everyone has one more reason to floss and schedule regular dental check-ups that help avert gum disease.


P.S.  It has been estimated that 75% of Americans have some form of gum disease.

Pregnancy and Dental Care

There was once a time when pregnant women were cautioned against scheduling dental exams, but all that has changed.  Now in recognition of the fact that hormonal changes associated with pregnancy can exert significant effects on dental and oral health pregnant women are being encouraged to visit the dentist before, during and after their pregnancies.  Bacterial growth in our mouths that is influenced by hormones has the potential to create problems related to bone density, as well as to potential difficulties in pregnancy.  With this in mind, pregnant women and those with intentions of having children have every reason to visit the dentist.  In fact, pregnant women should view dental visits as part of their comprehensive prenatal care.

Too many pregnant women are not getting timely dental care.  Dental treatment during pregnancy is considered beneficial and delayin oral care may be capable of having serious consequences.

At McNew dental we keep abreast of all the new techniques that are available in today’s world of dentistry.


We’re not implying that if you kiss someone with a cavity or gum disease, You’re going to turn around and “catch” it.  It’s just that some recent studies suggest harmful oral bacteria can be transferred by kissing or sharing food, utensils or toothbrushes and could increase the risk of decay and gum disease for susceptible individuals.  The good news is that with an effective oral hygiene program and regular dental check-ups, you can reduce any potential risk!  It’s just one more reason to keep your mouth healthy!

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