Dear Dr. Danette and Staff, I could not have a better dentist than you are, if I looked the universe over for one. You, your staff, have given me continual, fine dental care through the many years I have used your services. I want to use this letter to let you and your fine staff know you are appreciated greatly by this patient. Please keep on being sympathetic to patients like me, who had not always had caring dentists like you are today.

D. Thompson

Dr. McNew, sorry I missed your call. I am doing fine. Wanted to say that I had a great experience at your office (compared to my past). I will look forward to the follow-ups. Thanks again.

S. Reeves

Dr. McNew-Thank you so much for your countless hours of work to restore my smile and forever change my life! THANK YOU!!! J. Houck

J. Houck

I had met Dr. McNew before she became my dentist. I liked her "contagious" smile and positive energy. I was not surprised when I went to her office for the first time and found that smile and energy had infected the entire staff. I had never called a dental experience positive, but I do now. Dr. McNew's skill as a dentist is apparent. Her gentle touch and reassuring voice makes the entire process pleasurable. She explains each procedure and makes certain that you fully understand what your options are.

Barbara W.

My name is Keli and I'm dentalphobic. As a child I had the pediatric dentist from Little Shop of Horrors. My mom tried to do right by going with a children's dentist thinking he would be more patient and gentle but that was NOT the case. As a teen and young adult I had no dentist. My cousin became a dentist when I was in my twenty's and understood my fear so when I had an emergency I went to him. He retired about 8 years ago and I haven't had a dentist since. I finally decided (in my forties) that I needed a dentist. It took me a year to get the courage to finally ask family members about their dentist. My brother had had an episode with his teeth and found Dr. McNew. Having had the same dentist as a child that I did, he understood how I felt. He called to tell me how good they were and gave me their number. It took another 3 months to pick up the phone. My fears were so intense I cried before I even got the number dialed (It took 4 tries before I was able). The first visit I was crying when I walked in the door and almost turned and ran out. Fortunately, Kari caught me before I could escape. From day one they understood my fear and worked diligently to address it. They never did anything without first telling me what they were doing and why. Anytime I got distressed they would stop immediately and work to help me settle down. Because of their care, patience and gentle guidance I have been to the dentist more in the last year than I have my whole life! I never thought I would be comfortable walking into a dental office much less enjoy the people who were there, but I do. I look forward to seeing Dr. McNew, Kari, Maureen, Cindy and gang every time I go. We moved from Rockwall to Cedar Creek shortly after finding Dr. McNew, and I now drive an hour and a half to get there, she is worth it. My friends say there are fifty dentists between here and there but I wouldn't go anywhere else. If you have dental issues like mine, PLEASE give Dr. McNew and her staff a chance to help. They will change your view for good! Thank you.

K. Scoggins