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Dentures – Rockwall, TX

Lifelike Removable Tooth Replacements

Older man with dentures smiling

About 178 million Americans have lost at least one permanent tooth, and 40 million are missing all of their teeth. The older you get, the more likely you are to need a reliable answer for tooth loss – and Dr. McNew & Dr. Stein have the solution. Today’s dentures are more comfortable than ever, and many patients are able to get the most out of life whenever they eat, speak, or smile. Call McNew Dental today to learn more about the process of getting dentures from our Rockwall, TX dentist.

Why Choose McNew Dental for Dentures?

  • Dentist with Over 30 Years of Experience
  • Friendly Team Members That Have Been on Staff for Over 15 Years
  • Lifelike Prosthetics Custom-Made For Every Patient

What are Dentures?

Model smiles with full and partial dentures

When Dr. McNew suggests getting dentures, she could be referring to full dentures, partial dentures, or implant-supported dentures:

  • Full dentures consist of an entire arch of false teeth that have been attached to a gum colored base. They sit on the gums and can be held in place by suction or an adhesive.
  • Partial dentures need to be uniquely designed so that they can replace teeth in specific areas of the mouth. This type of restoration has a metal framework and is attached to the teeth by a clasp.
  • Implant-supported dentures are non-removable dentures that are supported and retained by implants.

Dental Implant-Retained Dentures

Animated dental implant retained dentures

Whenever possible, we’d recommend getting dentures that have been attached to implants. As useful as regular dentures can be, they only replace the crowns of your teeth. Dental implants, however, will act as new tooth roots. Whenever you bite or chew, the implants will stimulate the jaw, keeping it healthy reducing the risk of bone loss later in life. Furthermore, the posts will hold your dentures in place and allow you to successfully chew all your favorite foods again.


Snap-On Smile

Closeup of patient with snap on smile

Are you having trouble imagining what your new smile will look like? We can give you a trial denture called a Snap-On Smile that you can wear until your permanent restoration is ready. Not only will this let you enjoy an enhanced grin far sooner than you might have otherwise, but it also gives you a chance to get used to the shape and function of a new arch of teeth. A Snap-On Smile can also be used before a full arch of crowns is placed.


Benefits of Dentures

Woman smiling and eating an apple enjoying the benefits of dentures

One of the biggest benefits of full dentures is having a complete row of teeth to eat and speak with again. Living without teeth can be extremely challenging and may severely lower your self-esteem, but getting dentures can change that. Also, your new teeth will support your facial muscles, helping you maintain a more youthful appearance. In terms of maintenance, full dentures can easily be removed, letting you clean them very quickly and thoroughly.

Partial dentures offer many of the same benefits as full dentures, but there are a few key differences. In general, partial dentures tend to cost less since they only need to replace certain teeth. Also, they can usually be made much more quickly than full dentures and additional teeth can be added if lost in the future. When compared to dental bridges, partial dentures can do the same job without making any alterations to your remaining teeth. Finally, since they’re attached using clasps, you’ll never have to worry about using a messy adhesive to hold partial dentures in place.

Are Dentures or Partials Right for You?

Man sharing flawless smile with dentures

Obviously, candidates for dentures and partial dentures will be missing teeth; the main question is how many. If you still have a few teeth remaining, we may need to examine your mouth to decide whether they should be extracted to make room for a full denture or if we can leave them in place and use a partial denture instead. While virtually anyone can get dentures, an ideal candidate will still have plenty of healthy gum tissue and jawbone.

Depending on the situation, you might be eligible for an implant-retained denture. Anchoring false teeth to implants ensures that they won’t ever slip while biting or chewing. Your jawbone will also be supported by the new titanium tooth roots from within, which will help keep it strong. However, we’ll need to check your oral health as well as your overall health to see if you’re a good candidate for implants; if you are, we’ll refer you to a specialist in the area who can perform the surgery.

Dentures FAQs

woman smiling with dentures in Rockwall

Are you considering replacing missing teeth with dentures in Rockwall? With these restorations, you’ll be able to enjoy the function and look of your full smile again! Although you may be aware of the benefits of this treatment, you might also want to know more about what you should expect from your results. That’s why our team at McNew Dental has compiled and answered several frequently asked questions we get about dentures. Keep reading or reach out to our office if you’d like to learn more today!