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My Dental Implant Failed; What Now?

August 11, 2023

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Dental implant

Dental implants have gained much popularity in the dental field due to their impressive ability to restore missing teeth, but the healing process after placing them does not always go as planned. Additionally, sometimes they might seem fine at first, but over time take a turn for the worse or an accident may occur. A failed dental implant must be removed, and the process of doing so is typically a safe and relatively simple process. Read on to learn about why dental implants might fail and what to expect when getting them removed.


How Tooth Loss Can Reshape Your Face

July 13, 2023

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Woman with questioning expression.

The jaw is a fine feature of the face, but just like the arms and legs, it needs exercise and stimulation to stay healthy and strong. This stimulation normally comes from the row of teeth it hosts, but it will soon begin to atrophy and recede after tooth loss. If allowed to continue, this can reshape the face in an undesirable manner. Thankfully, dental implants can restore this stimulation to the jaw and prevent or even reverse its recession. Read on to find out how dental implants can restore that youthful look after tooth loss.


Is Dental Implant Surgery Safe During Pregnancy?

June 3, 2023

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a pregnant woman smiling and holding her belly

If you have missing teeth, you might be wondering what your options are for replacing them—and if you’re familiar with dental implants, you might be drawn toward this top-of-the-line solution! However, you might also be wondering if your pregnancy might potentially impact your eligibility for this type of restoration. Keep reading to learn a little more from your trusted dentist about how pregnancy can impact oral health, along with why it’s usually better to wait until afterward to commit to receiving dental implants.


The Best Foods to Have (and Avoid) After Dental Treatment

May 1, 2023

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Woman shopping in a grocery store

Whether you just received temporary veneers or crowns, you’re probably thinking it’s okay to load up on cold and soft treats like ice cream and frozen yogurt. However, just because you recently received dental treatment doesn’t mean you should put the rest of your teeth at risk of cavities! When it comes time to purchase groceries following your dental appointment, keep these healthy options in mind – your smile will thank you!


Your First Month With Dentures

April 21, 2023

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Older woman at dentist for denturesIf you’ve been living with severely damaged or missing teeth, getting dentures is exciting! Although they will closely look and feel natural, you can expect a brief adjustment period. Every case is unique, but here’s what you can expect during your first month with dentures.


We’re Back Open and Ready to Serve You!

April 6, 2023

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patient smiling while visiting dentist

We are thrilled to announce that McNew Dental is finally back open and ready to welcome new patients! Our practice understands how important dental health is to our community, which is why we’re committed to providing top-quality care that covers a wide range of services. From cosmetic dentistry to dental implants to comprehensive loyalty plans, we’re happy to be your one-stop shop for all your oral health needs. By choosing to make our office your new dental home, you can look forward to the following benefits.


How Do Dentists Color-Match Dental Crowns?

February 8, 2023

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dentist speaking to patient about color-matching dental crowns

Cavities are small areas of decay that can usually be fixed with a dental filling. When the area of decay becomes big enough, a tooth-shaped cap called a dental crown will be necessary. This restoration improves the look and structure of a damaged tooth and can also be used for small, discolored, or misshapen pearly whites. They are color-matched to blend in seamlessly with the surrounding teeth, but how does your dentist do that? Keep reading to learn about the methods they use to make your crown match the rest of your smile as closely as possible.


How Your Diet Can Help You Get the Most Out of Your Veneers

January 4, 2023

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a woman eating healthy with veneers

Veneers can give you the bright, picture-perfect smile you have always wanted! They can restore your confidence and give you the pearly whites of your dreams. You can also count on your custom teeth coverings to last at least 10-30 years. However, there are things you can do to extend their lifespan. In addition to maintaining an excellent oral care routine, your diet can help contribute to your veneers’ longevity. Read on for nutritional tips to keep your smile shining for as long as possible!


Why Is it Important to Be Prepared If My Veneer Falls Off?

December 4, 2022

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puzzled woman

There is never a good time to have a dental emergency – it’s always going to be inconvenient. If your porcelain veneer fell off, you’ll want to know why. Veneers can be a great option to fix your dental woes, as they can address chips, cracks, gaps between teeth, minor misalignments, or discoloration. If adversity ever strikes with them, however, keep reading to learn why it might have happened and what you should do.


Failed Dental Implant Removal: What You Can Expect

November 14, 2022

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a failed dental implant

You’ve received your new teeth and are pleased with the results. However, you suddenly feel as if something isn’t right. Your tooth feels loose, and pain is becoming a real issue. If your dentist discovers that there is a problem with your new prosthetic tooth, it may be necessary to take it out. Removing a failed dental implant in Rockwall doesn’t have to be scary though, which is why this article will go over the steps you can expect your dentist to take to ensure a healthier smile.

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